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I’m a wife, mother, and author living on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia.  I have one son living elsewhere now and starting a new chapter, and one daughter who technically still lives with my husband and I, but she sweeps in and out of the house and rarely sits still. Well...you know how it goes. At twenty-one, there is too much to do! :) However, as other mums will no doubt relate, just because our children move on doesn't mean our worries do.

I feel very fortunate to share my life with some of the nicest humans on the planet. Spending time with my family, and living so close to many of them, reminds me that there is a lot to be thankful for. No, I didn’t read that on Instagram; gratitude has always been one of my coping mechanisms. 

As it is for everyone there are always challenges, and I greatly felt the loss of my mother in 2019 and still miss her spirit and her strength. She came from an era where people made the best of what little they had at times, and without a sense of entitlement or complaint. She had a huge influence on my writing, my attitude towards life, and those challenges.

I enjoy travelling, but a few things have got in the way of that lately. I’ve not been able to visit sites that have great stories to tell, and so much of my research for coming books has been online. Admittedly, I don’t like that nearly as much.

My professional writing career includes copywriting, corporate writing, feature articles, editorials and editing. Other jobs over the years include secretarial and office work, public relations and web content, as well as typesetting and designing of ads and promotional material for print.

I hold an advanced diploma of arts (writing) and continue my bachelor studies in history and other humanities. Though, to be honest, I keep deferring subjects to pursue my stories. 

As a finalist in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and a story that caught the attention of the commissioning editor at Lake Union Publishing, my first historical fiction, Pastel Orphans, holds a special place in my heart.



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