Buried Lore



When a mysterious messenger arrives on his beautiful Mediterranean island, Marek, a young carpenter, discovers secrets about his mother which his father has kept hidden to protect him.

His search for answers about his heritage takes him on a perilous journey to a remote castle in the icy dark forests of the north. There, he will discover more shocking truths about himself, and the seductive castle inhabitants who attempt to lure him towards a way of life which will both thrill and repulse him. And even the purest of hearts can be tempted to join them.

Lilah was left on the front steps of the monastery in Gus. Who is she? What is she? Why can she perform the miracle of healing? After her skill is revealed, and she is branded a child of Satan, Lilah is forced to leave her close friend, Arianne, and the only home she has ever known.

At fifteen, she begins a new life outside the walls of the monastery to learn that people are not always what they appear. When first love is replaced by tragedy - at the hands of a vicious landowner - Gabriel, a mysterious, enchanting observer, comes to Lilah’s aid.

Taken to a castle, deep in the Hungarian forests, she will discover secrets from her past -– which someone wanted buried – and her fate will entwine with the darkest of legends.



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