Pastel Orphans



As a small boy, Henrik watches his world crumble around him as Germany falls under Nazi control and his Jewish friends are sent away. In his own unique telling, Henrik confides in the reader the events surrounding World War II, as his family is plunged into fear and uncertainty.

When his sister is stolen by Germans for Aryan testing, and his mother is injured during the kidnapping, Henrik’s childhood is cut short.

Determined, brave, and unfailingly loyal to his sister and those who befriend him, Henrik will play his part in the fight against this strange new world of violence and oppression. And love will arise from the fragments of broken lives.

Pastel Orphans, my first historical fiction novel(second edition released June 2nd) reached #1 on Historical Fiction lists in Literary, World, Jewish and German categories. And before Pastel Orphans was taken up by Lake Union Publishing, the book was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Please read about my great(x3) grandfather, Joseph Solomon.


"Liviero writes a dramatic, heartfelt tale based on a little-known aspect of the Holocaust...An absorbing account of loyalty and love in wartime, freshened by unusual historical events."
– Kirkus Reviews

"Gripping and fresh...a skilfully told, poignantly drawn narrative. The story conveys all the fear and confusion of living under a cruel dictatorship, but also how love and loyalty sustain and conquer."
– The Courier Mail

"...Liviero has chosen a unique way of presenting the narrative... The futility of racial intolerance, hate, and war are vividly brought to life, particularly by the attention-grabbing ending. Recommended.
– Historical Novel Society

"Beautifully written."
"An insightful story, gripping and interesting. Great characters that you can relate to, an unusual angle to look at the war. A great read."
"I literally devoured this book, it was so good I did not want to put it down. Fluid writing...Great story writing."
"Where to start? This book is so gripping that not only is it hard to put down, it follows you throughout the day even when not reading it, as it's so hard to get it out of your mind."

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