In a Field of Blue - Book Club Questions

(****SPOILERS if you haven't read the book]****)


Why was Abigail particularly unwelcoming of Mariette and Samuel? What were your first impressions of Mariette?

What were the reasons that Rudy did not have the same privileges and opportunities as Edgar?

How different was Rudy treated by Abigail to that of his brothers? In what ways was his role important to her?

Based on the reflections of their childhoods, do the traits of the three brothers present in similar ways as adults? Examples?

Do you agree/disagree with Mariette for leaving Rudy and Samuel to return to Canada, and why?

Do you believe that Laurence was capable of anything to achieve a goal? What motivated him to think/act the way he did?

War triggered Edgar's disorder, but were there any signs, based on his commentary later in the story, that he may have been struggling with life even earlier?

Do you agree/disagree with Edgar that he was better off where he was in Canada, and why?

What impact did the arrival of the girls have on Lenore's life, and why did she particularly dislike Mariette?

What was so special about Mariette and Helene's relationship?

Mariette, Rudy, Edgar and Helene all made some kind of sacrifice for the benefit of others. What were these?

Is there a particular clue before the final reveal of Edgar's fate?

Which character did you gravitate to the most and why?

Without Laurence's interference in the situation, and presuming Mariette stayed with Rudy and everyone was none the wiser about Edgar's whereabouts, do you think Abigail would have fully accepted Samuel as her grandchild?


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